Small Bin 1.8


1.800 l Side-Load Polyethylene Container

Introducing the new Small.Bin container, which has been designed with two main purposes:

  • Reducing the surface occupied by the container on the public highway in order to leave streets less obstructed.
  • Lower the height in order to reduce the visual barriers caused by containers when on the street.

Small.Bin preserves the gentle and organic appearanceforms that defines the Bin range. It is easy to integrate into any environment with a look that gives it a homely feel, thus creating empathy with the user, involving and motivating them. A container which helps to humanize the city.

Designed in every detail

Each piece is Small.Bin designed and manufactured to exactly meet their function, have chosen the best materials to ensure long life keeping its usability and comfort.

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User lid

Smoother opening and closing

Dual Structure Belt (DSB)

More durable

Emptying lid

The emptying lid can be opened on both sides

Customized graphic and pictogram.

Picture indicating the type of waste with icons and examples

A narrower, and lower side-load container

A new concept of container created to ensure less obstructed streets and to fulfil requirements such as the introduction of the side-load system into narrow streets, or placing containers on the hard shoulder of streets in inter-urban areas. A container which helps to humanize the city.

A new concept of container which tries to reduce the visual barrier generated by containers placed in front of doorways and shop windows, by being below the average eye level. A container which helps to humanize the city.

  • It can be opened on both sides

    The opening is produced by folding back the entire upper assembly, facilitating the task of emptying the container into the collection truck.

    It features a double-hinge system which allows for opening the lid from the most appropriate side of the container, depending on the needs/characteristics of the street.

    Posición convencional


    When the emptying lid is opened, the user lid is blocked to avoid blows and possible injuries due to the user lid rebounding open. Also, the emptying lid features a gravitational locking system which prevents it being manipulated during normal everyday use.


    Posición a contra muro

Manual opening

With Small.Bin a pedal is an option, not an obligation Small.Bin has been designed to be used without a pedal thanks to its innovative user lid, which guarantees the best user experience.

Due to its smaller dimensions, it facilitates interaction with the user, creating a less aggressive sensation than when using traditional containers because it is lighter and safer.

It features the Soft Close automatic opening-closing system, with double shock-absorption which allows it to make the movement of the lid smoother during its opening and prevents its abrupt closing, thus helping to avoid accidents.

Opciones de reciclaje


de reciclaje

Preparados para el futuro del control de accesos, adaptadas a la normativa y con cada color asociado a cada residuo para fomentar las buenas prácticas.

Diferentes modelos (de izquierda a derecha):

  • - Tapa con reducción interior
  • - Tapa con acceso libre
  • - Tapa con bocas de selectivo

Disponible en 2 combinaciones de color

Podrá escoger entre dos combinaciones de color diferentes, usando siempre tonos neutros y colores identificativos de los residuos a separar.

Small.Bin: a container to last

  • The Dual Structure Belt (DSB), together with the lower base plate in galvanized steel provide the container with extraordinary resilience, avoiding any distortions caused by hoisting efforts or vandalism thus maintaining its functionality over time (lid opening, progressive closing).
  • Its centerpiece, the belt, is constructed with a large safety factor, allowing you to load more than 3 tons independently; much more load you have to load in any circumstance.
  • Completely compact container. The lid seal incorporates a drainage channel which prevents water getting into the container. Bad smells are reduced.
  • Compact shapes and smooth surfaces which facilitate cleaning and reduce the accumulation of residues.

Designed for maximum comfort

  • The pedal is independent from the lid and allows for the opening of the container by the handle without moving the pedal. It incorporates gas cylinders which permit smooth opening and closing with a sophisticated and silent movement.
  • It features the Soft Close automatic opening-closing system, with double shock-absorption which allows it to make the movement of the lid smoother during its opening and prevents its abrupt closing, thus helping to avoid accidents.
  • Small.Bin’s container island generates a clearly identified space for selective waste collection in your city. It is an appropriate point to conduct a proper and efficient separation of everyday waste.
  • The absence of a metal retaining ring around the containers reduces noise levels when they are being handled by the collection vehicle.
  • Closed

    Capacity: 1.800l

    A. Maximum width: 1.880 +/- 10 mm

    B. 1.050 mm

    C. 1.200 mm (máx.)

    D. 815 mm

    E: 220 mm

    F: 478 mm

    G. Width: 1.760 +/- 10

    H. Base width: 1.420 mm

    J: 1000 mm

    O. Maximum height: 1474 mm

  • Open

    N. Aperture: 973 mm

    P: 993 mm

    Q: 554 mm

    R: 554 mm

    L1: mín 600 mm

    L2: mín 913 mm

  • The alignment system guarantees the correct position of each container both individually and when grouped with others.

  • Small.Bin offers the possibility of including waste identification plates in Braille, which makes it easier for the blind people to dispose of MSW.