The Metal container is a product with an extensive and proven track record in the market. We have supplied more than 15,000 units of this container to domestic and foreign city councils during its 10 years on the market.

This is a tough and resistant metal container equipped with a tilting lid that guarantees excellent durability and functionality throughout its useful life.


The Metal is a container entirely built from metal. The tank and the structure of the lids are manufactured in hot-dipped galvanized steel and the lids have an aluminium coating. The rigid nature of the metal provides a resistant container that can withstand the stresses imposed by trucks without distorting it, allowing it to function effectively for longer.


Maximum opening 58cm


Máximum opening 82,5cm


Prevents hitting the lids.


On lid and pedal, improve comfort and prolong life.

  • The paint slows down the ageing process of the Metal container, thus ensuring a better finish and the maximum adhesion of the paint to metal (without flaking). The expected integrity of the paintwork is over 10 years under normal conditions of exposure and use.
  • Its renewed design, adapted to modern times, combine the sturdiness of the metal body with the friendly appearance of the plastic lids.
    The incorporation of plastic lids and other functional elements in plastic with a perfectly matte finish provide Duo with a touch of sophistication.
  • Noise minimization, thanks to the shock-absorption system of the lids and the rubber stops installed in the lids and pedals.
  • All of the plastic and metal materials used are 100% recyclable and can be turned into raw materials again. This is why a part of its economic value can be recovered by selling them.

Metal container

Nominal volume: 3200l

Real volume: 3100l

Body volume: 2500l

Inner width: 1360mm

Inner length: 1550mm

Inner height: 1160mm

Weight: 210Kg

MPM: 1280Kg

Hoisting axis-floor distance: 1050mm

Maximum opening of lid: 580mm

  • Possibility of including waste identification plates in Braille, making it easier for the blind people to dispose MSW.

  • It has been added a manually operated lever which is connected to the pedal by means of a bolted joint, which allows operating the pedal without need to press it.

    * Only in containers with pedal.

  • The container features a rectangular aperture with an inner trap door on one side, which allows introducing the waste under the level of the lids.