Cajas cerrradas



- Compaction containers of up to 40 m3 for transporting waste between waste transfer stations and rubbish dumps.
- Can be handled by semi-trailers with towing equipment (Cayvol – Multilift – Ampliroll, etc.)
- Adapted to the special characteristics of the compacting equipment and trolleys between the transfer station and the truck.
- Option of a multi-purpose box for working in different types of waste transfer station.
- Truncated container with exterior reinforcement, designed to allow waste to be evacuated without blocking or jamming and offering total durability.
- Continuous strip welding and non-stock chamfers.
- Special steel reinforcement in high-friction areas and special reinforcements in the area where anchored to the press.
- Option of type-approval for multipurpose transportation, by rail, by road, etc.
- Mobile parts (wheels, locking systems, etc.) have lubricators for easy maintenance, or self-oiling bronze bearings.
- Door locking system with side or upper opening.
- High quality painting process; prepared with sand blasting followed by epoxy primer plus acrylic finishing coat to a total thickness of 150 microns.